Autumnal Equinox

…and so we change to a new season. At least as of 05:51 EDT. Things already seem crisper, clearer, cooler. Or it is just my imagination.

I figured I owed folks an update since it has been days since I’ve posted anything. I’d say that’s not like me, but I’m noticing more and more it is becoming like me. Perhaps I set my expectations too high for a post a day. I haven’t been achieving that lately – nor do I expect to in the upcoming (near) future.

As for the updates:

  • I got the Powerbook back. Actually, I got it back a week ago. It was like starting from scratch. The data was gone (I’m almost over that….kind of). The settings were all gone. Bookmarks. Display. Programs. All gone. I still love the laptop, but it just seems a little tainted at this point.
  • More travel ahead in the next 2-3 weeks, so most likely the same frequency of postings. I may have mentioned Kansas City and Phoenix. I’m sure I need to hit DC too…at least once.
  • One travel of a personal nature coming too: Chicago. Doug, a friend of mine, called to say he got two tickets to Annie Lennox and did I want to go? Well – DUH! He wasn’t leaving Denton out – as he knew that Denton could not do Chicago in October at all. I haven’t axed for the two days off yet, or made flight arrangements, but damn – I also have not taken an hour off work since I started in February. I think I can and should swing it.

I have seen Annie Lennox once before. Denton and I got tickets and drove to a SKE-ary part of Detroit maybe four years ago (?) and stayed in an even SKE-arier hotel in Dearborn. But the concert was great and she was good. We traveled all that way because it was the closest she was playing and I never thought I’d ever get to see her live. Now I have a second chance. I also remember calling Jon’s work number, knowing he wasn’t there, and just let him hear on his voicemail Annie singing (I think it was “Little Bird”).

Chicago won’t be as scary as Detroit. Well…..until we hit the Eagle.


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