Site of the Month

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was talking about my geekiness? Yes. Yes, I believe it was.

Well this Site of the Month doesn’t really do much to squash that profile – only enhance it. Clearly I’m not the only geek around as there are 52,000+ articles posted.

I’m sure Jon will get more out of this site than I ever will.

On a similar note: I really really really hope you all saw The Family Guy‘s take on Star Wars: Episode IV. HILARIOUS.

…and it took them an hour (avec commercials) to do exactly what it took George Lucas much longer to accomplish – and it was pretty inclusive of anything presented in 1977.

I don’t know how to tell you how to see the entire episode if you missed it, but you’re all web savvy folks – hell you found my blog – so use your desired search engine to find what you need to. I’ll give you a hint: Fox had it pulled from YouTube – so don’t bother with that route.

Happy hunting.


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