Talk Talk

I know you’re thinking I’m gonna talk about the Indians again – but my song/post title might tell you differently. After a painful Game 3, I’m drafting this while we are (currently) winning Game 4. But it’s early. Only time will tell…..

Since it was a later start for us tonight, we went to another lecture sponsored by Cleveland State – the same folks who brought us Doris Kearns Goodwin.

The second speaker wasn’t quite as eloquent: Khaled Abou El Fadl. The subject was interesting enough: The Rise of Islamic Extremism & Islamophobia. The orator kind of sucked. Not kind of. More like really. Really really really sucked.

Oh, he started off ok, but quickly lost his way. He jumped around years and topics with seemingly no rhyme or reason and no way to tie it all up. On the way out I overheard a woman say, “it was just like free association”. Phew. At first I thought it was just me who wasn’t smart enough to completely follow what he was attempting to get at. As it turns out everyone I heard talking thought the same thing.

The speech tic and/or impediment he had didn’t really help matters. And he didn’t tailor this slowness in his speech to go with the length of it. Soon, his allotted 60 minutes became 90 before the moderator had to cut him off.

The organizers even 86’d his Q&A for the evening due to time constraints. Honestly, there’d have been no way to reign him in…which would have been fine if you thought you were going to get any viable information out of him.

The longest 90 minutes of my life. At least it seemed. ….then I had to endure the Indians game.

Which we won…and now head to the ACLS. So here is just a shot of that.


One response to “Talk Talk

  1. Now, if we can take care of Mr Ortiz! Great blog, BTW! Just stumbled onto it.

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