Site of the Month

Actually I have a few potential sites – but will only use one. Some months I just got nothing (or nothing good), so hopefully I can utilize the others in the upcoming months. Mind you – that’s assuming I remember them. I guess I could draft them and save them for future reference, but I know me and I just do not see that happening.

I found What Would Jesus Blog through my blog reading expeditions. First and foremost through one of RJ’s comments/commentators.

There are some funny things in the blog – though way too many videos for my liking. Sure I post a YouTube here and there, but try not to make this site about virals. Not a dozen in a row. Blech.

I’m not much of a believer in Jesus Christ as a lord and/or saviour. And by ‘not much of’ of course I mean – ‘at all’. I’ve said that here before – somewhere. Probably many times.

I don’t doubt his (no upper case here) existence…or necessarily that of g-d. But son of g-d? Here to save us, rise from the dead thing?? …………no……not so much. It’s a great story though. Though not the greatest one ever told.

I totally lifted the image in this post from said blog. I found it funny. ….and I’m all about the funny.


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