If you think this might not be a song title, look no further than a group called The Fall of Troy.

I really just had to get this posting in under the wire before a certain friend of mine goes out of the country for the next three weeks. I wouldn’t imagine he’d go back and look at all my missed posts – oh but how I wish he would.

Please note I did not mention my friend’s name – nor will I.

No – This isn’t he. It’s just the guy with whom he was separated at birth.
Here he is. The likeness is uncanny – no? So says Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa.

In truth – one of his next door neighbors just has way too much free time on his hands and some knowledge of Ye Olde PhotoShoppe. But it made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

….and there within lies the problem of people having access to too many photos of you. Eventually they will find one that fits their twisted little schemes. But at least it’s to my amusement

….and it’s not of me.


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