High Dive

It all happens in such slow motion – yet at the speed of light.

She is standing on a train platform with her back to the tracks. I am approaching, but still at a considerable distance. People are scattered at the large outdoor station on the slight hill – waiting for their morning transport.

With no one seemingly around, she falls. Backward. U-shaped. Almost like a reverse jackknife, but not as severe in the bend of her back.

I arrive at the platform and walk to the edge, just as others do at the same time – though oddly not as many as you’d think.

She is there – the small of her back, broken on the closest rail, as her body lays across it and spills into the space between the second one. She doesn’t move – nor will she ever again.

The train will not come this morning.

….such is my dream.

song by: Maria McKee


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