What the Fudge ??

Apparently ‘WTF’ no longer means what I thought it meant. And I guess it’s no longer just an abbreviation for a profanity work-around for television censors and a necessary three letter standard for instant messaging or emailing.

Well, actually it is still used for all those things….and now one more. It is the magazine for Finland. I wonder if the folks from Helsinki know it is just a shortcut to the f-bomb?

So on this post, I break from my title as being the same as a song title. I could not think of anything good with the word ‘Welcome’ (…to the jungle? …to the pleasuredome?), let alone with ‘fuck’ or ‘Finland’.

It’s just so hard to be me!


One response to “What the Fudge ??

  1. WTF? (ok, you knew it was coming)

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