I’ve never been a big proponent of ‘days’.

I’ve never thought ‘a day’ could or would change the world. I don’t know that any disease or issue truly benefits from one single day per annum. I could be wrong. I am sure there are stats somewhere to tell me this.

The only one comparable to World AIDS Day (which is today), would be Breast Cancer – and they have a month.

The one flaw in ‘a day’ approach is that for 364 sun-ups to sun-downs, most people do not think of it again. Most don’t on the designated day. The ones who truly do are the ones affected by it – and think of it every single day….because they have to. Be it they are living with, suffering from or lost someone to, the disease.

Don’t make everyday a World AIDS Day necessarily – but be more aware and more compassionate. Be more vocal when you have the chance.

As Bono says (I typed Bobo): “we have to carry each other……carry each other” . Just not for one day. But it’s a start.

Song by: U2


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