Rock n Roll High School

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Seriously! I don’t know if this says more about my writing ability or your reading comprehension. Unfortunately, I think it is the former.

Granted, I end up posting pictures and snippets of other web-related things on there and do normally expound heavily using things like verbs, adjectives or subjects and nouns, but Elementary School?

Je don’t think so.

I did a quick entry of a number of other blogs and some fair better than Blobby does – but surprisingly not much consistency:

Rebecca – well, she must sit next to me in class.
The Daily Kos – Junior High level
Glenn – same as Kos. But in fairness, he teaches junior high (I think)
RJ – is the cool high school kid
Kris – Post Grad level?? SOOO unfair!!!! Self-admittedly, she doesn’t even try anymore!
Moby – well, everytime I put in his URL, it takes down the system.
Steve – he’s in the same class as Rebecca and myself.

I’m not sure the criteria of how they rate the reading level of the sites in question. It brings back a rating almost immediately. I don’t see how it has the opportunity to scan a few dozen or hundreds of posts for grammar or sentence structure.

WHATEVER!   …I might be bitter.

Song by: the Ramones


One response to “Rock n Roll High School

  1. Sorry, I have a hack that blocks queries from sites like that. It keeps the sp@m monsters away.

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