New Direction Song

So we went to see The Golden Compass on Saturday.

I had little knowledge of, and marginal interest in, the movie. The latter mostly came from visual imagery I had seen in previews. But as I’ve said before, if the catholic church wants to boycott it, my curiosity goes up ten-fold.

Since I had not read the trilogy (of which this is the first), I didn’t know exactly what to expect.

Visually, the movie was fine. Acting was s0-so, even if Gandalf was a big bear. The story itself was not horribly clear and had more than a few holes that were left wide-open. Maybe that is because after I saw it, I read that the studio cut out much anti-church and pro-atheism aspects to it. I’m guessing it left it with a weakened storyline.

I consider myself somewhat intelligent, and I think Denton is as well. We had a good, yet unresolved, discussion on which population in the movie was depicted as the religious faction and which the scientific. Again, I think the lack of clarity had to do with what may have been cut out.  Dust.  Souls.  Yawn.

Oh – and the ending credits? Well, I’m a huge Kate Bush fan, but her song was no Into the West. I’m thinking if she spent 10 minutes writing the lyrics, it was about seven minutes too long.

Go if you must – but it is something meant more for cable viewing.

Song by: Echo & the Bunnymen


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