Along the Road

Yes – he could be construed as (kind of) schmaltzy, but there was something about some of Dan Fogelberg’s early works that I really enjoyed: “Power of Gold”, “Part of the Plan”, “Morning Sky” and almost anything off his break-through disk, Phoenix… his big hit, “Longer”.

Though it should surprise nobody here, I wasn’t a big fan of his radio hits – “Leader of the Band” or “Same Old Lang Syne”…or for that matter “Longer” (yes, I really didn’t like that song….so much I mentioned it twice). Normally I’m not a big fan of radio hits anyway.

Since I mentioned “Longer”, back at OSU, I remember being out to dinner with my friend Lori Silverstein. Some restaurant-employed troubadour came around table to table singing it. I am sure I tried to suppress the laughter, but was unsuccessful. It didn’t help that probably a half of bottle of Tanqueray was consumed by this point. The poor guy didn’t have a chance and all he was doing was trying to make enough money to pay his rent.

Fogelberg was a big leader in the No Nukes movement of the late ’70s, so I gotta respect him for that too. He’ll probably never be the guy who gets the career retrospective on any radio or tv program, but he was a talented and decent musician. He also died a day or so ago.

…and he always looked pretty hot when he was sporting a full beard.

Song by: Dan Fogelberg


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