It’s My Party

….well….our party, actually.

Last night we had our third annual holiday party in this house. Technically, our third holiday party ever. We never entertained much before moving here.

Around a week prior to, with the menu still unset, we decided maybe making a few hundred hors d’oeuvres might be time consuming as we were both working long hours and I was traveling. ….we found a caterer. For shame.

Actually, it worked out very well. We had them make 3-4 appetizers and then we prepared the cheese plate, the vegetable and dessert trays and then a fruit salad. It looked like enough food to feed a frickin’ army.

I was very surprised to see how much food actually was consumed. I didn’t eat any of the cheeses (and btw….can I tell you how sexy the Whole Foods cheese guy is?), and most of them disappeared. The bacon wrapped scallops? Gone. The new potatoes with sour cream and chives (served cold – but that’s the way it’s supposed to be)? Gone. The thai chicken satay? Not all gone, but a lot of it.

Various nuts and mix were inhaled too. THAT was mostly by me. I was busy opening wine and putting a head on everyone’s glass. It seems everyone was a fan of white. I think we went through 6-7 bottles of that as opposed to 2 of red. Over a case of beer and then the hard liquor was all utilized also.

But the mood was jovial and only two couples didn’t show. Unfortunately, one had a death in the family (a likely story!) and the other……..well……they’ll have some answering to do to me!

For a group of folks who had little, if any, previous interaction, things went well – though I could have done with out the discussion from a straight woman on how she waxes everything and how it doesn’t really hurt – even when you get back to the anus. Her words – not mine!

I know I drank a lot. But I never really felt it. I think I was working more on adrenaline than anything.

Now we only have to do it all over again on Monday – for family. Minus all the liquor and talk on no anal pain body waxing. ….g-d, at least I hope!

Song by: Leslie Gore


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