I’m a Woman

It’s not really news anymore that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated yesterday. Not to sound crass, but if you followed the news of the last 2-3 months, none of this could be construed as a surprise. A few attempts had been made on her life just in this time frame. ….and it’s not like Musharraf was really jonesing to run against her (or anyone else) for Prime Minister of Pakistan.

But all of this got me thinking about for all of the U.S. “advancements”, women’s equality still lags behind well, most other countries. England had Thatcher as Prime Minister (27 years ago), India had Indira Gandhi (41 years ago), Israel had Gold Meir (38 years ago) and yes, Pakistan had Bhutto (19 years ago).

So why is U.S. is just getting around to our first serious female contender for president in Hillary Clinton? ….and it’s quite possible she won’t even be the DNC nominee, let alone win the presidential race. If she does all that, we’ll only be 19-41 years behind just about anyone else.  Yipeee.

And it is quite possible she won’t be president ever. Since for some unknown reason, we are still so frickin’ set in our ways of picking a candidate – besides white male: you seemingly have to hunt and have been in the military. We’re forced, as days get closer, to see men with guns killing things and touting their military records. How can a woman possibly compete with this?

I guess will have to wait for Jennifer Lynch (was that her name?) to run.

Again – I’m not really supporting Hillary at this point, but I’m just sayin’…….

Song by: Miss Peggy Lee


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