A Change Would Do You Good

Today officially kicks off the 2008 voting season. Yeeehaw??

Way too much importance is placed on a state that for the rest of the campaign season will be nothing more than a fly-over state. Pundits will say Iowa is important because the place is small enough that candidates have to be out there, visible and available and not just a well-crafted 30-60 second television ad.


There are actually qualified candidates (I think) that will be shut-out because a much less qualified fuck with a higher Q rating will win.  The media will then focus most of their attention on two or three people. Bill Clinton was clearly an exception. He placed 3rd in Iowa back in 1992.

Do I want change in this country – or think we desperately need it? Yup. Do I want to forfeit experience for the sake of someone claiming change? Probably not.

Obama and Edwards can tout ‘change’ all they want. They still have to work with a Congress who collectively has been around for the last 200-300 years (when you add up all the years they’ve held office). None of them have addressed that aspect of it as far as I can see. And lord knows a Democrat ruled Congress has been able to ‘change’ squat. Let’s not forget that Barak is part of that Congress. How effective is he really going to be?

Edwards has one-term of experience and Obama doesn’t even have that. At least when it comes to federal government level. I don’t know a novice is going to get us out of this mess that Shrub and Dick has gotten us into.

Not much I can do about Iowa or New Hampshire. I have to wait until March for our primary – and by then, well, we’ll be down to a very select few. I guess we will see how far it pares down starting tonite.

On a lighter note, I do love the graphic images below. I’ve seen similar on newcasts and I had to go searching for still images. Click on them to make them bigger if you must (ga’head, ga’head!!!).

The small blue sign is Barak’s campaign slogan. But do you notice anything else in the images?

Anyone? Anyone????

Song by: Sheryl Crow


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