Sick of Myself

Almost a year to the day, I got my annual cold.  Can you believe it?

I don’t think it’s as bad as last year, but at that time I didn’t have a job and just moped (not mo-ped) around the house.

But I’m a few days into this – six to be exact – so the end is near.  (Three days coming, Three days with you, Three days going.)

It’s gone from scratchy throat to congestion and now headed back to the chest.  I can actually deal with all of that – save the coughing.  I hate hate hate the coughing.  I don’t think my co-workers are exactly pleased with me either.   ….and it is so annoying when I lie down to try to sleep.

I’m hoping not to hack my way through a presentation I have to give on Friday.  A potentially huge client – and ironically the same one that brought us to Cleveland over 12 years ago.

Tonite, maybe it’ll be a benadryl night.  Or a vicodin and a beer one.

Song by:  Matthew Sweet


One response to “Sick of Myself

  1. Try a combnation of rubbing Vicks on your chest and neck and taking Delsym. Both work in my house and I have some major hackers when it comes to colds and coughs.

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