Full Moon

It’s been one of those days. Or two.

And damn if I didn’t know it was a full moon – without ever having to look in the sky or at a calendar.  I acquired that skill by working for years in a hospital.  I was told when I started in that line of work that this would happen – and I poo-poo’d it.  But it’s true.  You always just know.

I’m not sure things have gone any more sucky at work the last two days.  Clients who have laid off 4000 folks.  Staff who are testing my patience at every level – to the point if half of them just walked out, I wouldn’t even shrug, let alone care.

I’d like to say I’ll be happy when the week is over, but I’m thinking it’s more like a month.

Then I really think I’ll need to take vacation.

Song by: the Kinks


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