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Now that it looks like Ohio’s late primary might not only actually matter in the selection process for the Democratic nominee, but determine it (yay! Just like we got to determine the 2004 presidential winner?), I thought my SotM should be a semi-political one.

In various posts over the last few months, I have mentioned being stumped on who to even consider. Maybe I’m not stumped, but no one is stumping for me. There is just not one candidate that has drawn me in. Clinton and Obama’s playground smackdown the other night did less and less to reassure me that either were ready for the job. But I don’t think it’s Edwards either – and apparently, neither do most of the other voters.

Glassbooth has a little tool (hehehe, I said ‘little tool’) that tries to align my issues (and I have soooo many – most not covered by the electoral process, but I digress) with where a candidate stands. You weight your issues with the ones listed and then answer a series of questions (not a lot of them, for you ADHDers) and poof – you get a candidate rating (you can click image to make larger)

Apparently Oprah Obama is my choice. Glassbooth tells me so.

Barak and Clinton both support the extension of the Patriot Act, which I strongly oppose. Yeah, I’m a bleeding heart liberal on some things – and this would be one of them.

Like Barak, Hilary lands an 81% on where I stand on the issues, but a thing like health care and gay rights are swapped out in different positions.

So it seems like I could flip a coin with either of these two and not go wrong. So I why don’t I feel better about either one of them – or myself?

…..and is Mike Gravel even still in the race?


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