I Love Trash

I was in NoVA opening a new clinic this week (it went just fine – thanks for axing). But in between events I was taking a call in the lobby of the building from which I was working. On getting off my conference call, my boss goes ‘hey I wan to talk to you’ and starts walking away from me. I dutifully follow.

We approach the public men’s room and he turns and goes “I want to show you something.”

Ok – this is just kind of weird. Sure, it makes for good porn, but just an uncomfortable work situation at best.

All he really wanted to show me was this:

He found it funny – and actually I did too. Now, I had warshed my hands in there a number of times during the week and discarded the paper towels into said receptacle but never noticed the Sharpied notification.

As mortified as I might have been to follow him into a restroom, I returned the favor by whipping out my……………..camera.

But without missing a beat he goes, ‘now I have two stories!’

Song by: Oscar the Grouch


One response to “I Love Trash

  1. Where the hell is one to put their trash?

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