I had a dream.

Yes, another dream. But this one could possibly have national or international repercussions. I swear it.

Last night I dreamed that I was on a large bridge that spanned over the Cuyahoga River. And while the river does indeed have a number of bridges that can get you over the water from point A to point B – the bridge in my dream doesn’t really exist……at least in Cleveland. It was just a dream bridge.

On the bridge with me was an old co-worker from a few jobs ago (yeah Betsy – it’s you……if you ever read this blog. oh wait! if you even know it exists!!) along with Barack Obama.

Barack slaps me hard on the back, sending me over the bridge and into what should be frigid waters. Within seconds, both Betsy and Barack follow – missing me by inches. There was not much else to the dream, except that the river was actually warmer than I imagined, which I attributed to not being as deep as Lake Erie, so quicker to heat up in the rays of the sun – even though this all happened in the dead of night. Both Bets and Barack have gashes in their backs – not that they seem to notice them.

What could this all mean? Is he an attempted murder? Has he affected water temperature through climate change ? Did he jump in to save me? WHAT??????

……in other related political / democratic news: Hillary and Barack are finally hitting Ohio. Now that they are moving on to Texas and here, we are getting the barrage of ads – print and television. At least Huckabee knows that he’s not going to win, so we haven’t seen that crap.

But in my mind, Barack’s print ads smell of desperation – and they are ineffective. Case in point, there is an ad that is to supposed to bash Clinton on NAFTA. However, his name doesn’t appear on the first page of the four page ad….only hers…and it is highlighted at that. Open it up and there is her picture on page 3, but that is where your eye is drawn. On page 2, there is a picture of Obama, but with his back almost turned away as he talks to a group.

Unless you read for content, which most probably do not, you’d assume it is an ad for Hillary. For all the Hillary haters or the on-the-fencers, just seeing her picture and name, you might toss it away assuming it is from her camp. Barack should fire those ad exec’s asses.

That being said – I’m still not settled on a candidate. …..and tick tick tick.

The primary is two weeks away. While I was on the road last week, I got my absentee ballot. I signed up for two reasons: I didn’t know if I’d be in town, as I’m traveling a lot lately. And I don’t trust any of our voting systems – though it seems like we are canning the electronic voting systems.

I’m 90% sure I know who I am going to check the box for – but since I’m not 100% sure, I won’t say just yet.

No matter who it is – I don’t want them tossing me over a bridge…….literally or figuratively.

Song by: R.E.M.


One response to “Cuyahoga

  1. hey dude hope u could find the answer of your dreams its quite intriguing… the primary….

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