Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect

Like a year later, we are getting closer to starting the frickin’ master bathroom.  After several renderings, sketches and drawings (which are really all the same thing – aren’t they?), this is what we are settling on.

…and I don’t mean ‘settle’.  Agreed upon.  That’s better. And there was no blood shed, so that’s good – right?

It looks a lot more elaborate than it really is.  Both windows are already there, though the right one has been covered up for years – for unknown reasons.   But yes, there will need to be new sinks, the tub that exists will have to be taken out and we’ll just put in the shower.

It’s only a drawing, so the shower isn’t really four sides of glass.  Though that would clearly appeal to my exhibitionistic streak.  The two back walls are solid – sad to say.

Ok, we still have to pick tile, colours and fixtures – so there is still time for WWIII – but I think any disagreements will come when the project takes X amount of months and I melt down two months before that.

Maybe we can see this thing completed before we hit 2009.

Song by: the Decemberists


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