Black Coffee

So as I went to NoVA to get my new clinic ready for opening, I made a swing around the entire place. I checked out the physical therapy area, the lab, the offices and exam rooms.

Naturally I also peaked my head into the break room too…….and lookee what I saw (and took a picture of).

Hand to g-d, this was not a staged photo.  While my staff was setting up the clinic, the coffee maker arrived, but cups did not.  So they improvised.  I’m not a coffee drinker, and this would not really help the cause of making me one.

Yes, the normal cups did indeed arrive, but they never got rid of the last of the other cups.

All of this made me immediately flash on the “fun” Jon and I had when we used to work at OSU Hospitals, back in the day.  You know – he’d fill a urine tech tube up with apple juice, label it with a patient identifier and then pneumatic tube it to the unit I was working on.

Then while the staff on my unit were hanging around, they’d watch me grab the ‘sample’, open it up and drink it.

Good times.  Good times.

Song by: k.d. lang


One response to “Black Coffee

  1. That is freaking funny!!!!! And Black Coffee is one of my fave songs by Squeeze. Does Lang do a cover of it, or is it a completely different song?

    k.d lang – “Black Coffee” off of SHADOWLAND
    Squeeze – “Black Coffee in Bed” off of…….I can picture the album cover, but not the title.

    Different songs. Both good.

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