Cook of the House

I hate when good recipes go bad.

Ok – maybe it wasn’t a good recipe, but it sounded good. Unfortunately Ina Garten can make anything sound good…..and doable.

I shouldn’t blame the Contessa – I’m sure it is something I did. Or didn’t do.

For gosh’s sakes it was only macaroni and cheese. Sure it had like 4lbs of cheese (three different kinds!)…..and bacon and I followed the directions to a T.  What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t horrible or inedible. Maybe my expectations were too high.  Maybe my skills weren’t high enough.  Normally they aren’t when I cook and things still work out.  At least I enjoy the process, if not the final product.

….and it’s still harder than I thought to be a food photographer.  I don’t know how those guys who do the Ponderosa menu do it!

Song by: Linda McCartney and Wings
(seriously – one of the worst songs ever put to tape!)


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