Song for a Future Generation

I am sure I am shamelessly trying to recapture my youth – something I will most likely fail at miserably – but this morning I purchased tickets to see the B-52s at the House of Blues.

So far they are only scheduled to play 10 dates, and we’re one of them.  I almost had to do this, as I have never seen them before!!!    Shut Up!  I know!!!!!

And really, when will I have another chance?

I know they have a new disk coming out later this month (warning:  expect to see it as a Record of the Month), but I’m sure the concert will be filled with classics.  I don’t mean “Love Shack”, “Roam” or “Rock Lobster” (overdone) classics – though I’m sure they will play them – but I’m hoping for “Planet Claire”, “Dance This Mess Around” “Legal Tender”, “Housework” and “Mesopotamia”.

If I don’t have sit through their song from the Flintstones movie, I’ll be ok.

But that did get me thinking – it’s their first disk in 16 years, though that was Good Stuff, their only disk I never got.  No Ricky. No Cindy. No good.

Now Cindy is back.  And I do love her and Kate’s harmonies.  Fred is Fred and there’s not much you can do with that voice.  But I do love the girls.

So, I do go on-line exactly at 10a to buy the tix.  Only General Admission floor are available.  No seats….standing/dancing only.   The old man in me came out and thought ‘WTF’, but then I thought, really – who is going to sit at a B-52s concert?

g-d, I hope it doesn’t suck.  I figure it will either be brilliant, or horrid.  Probably no in-between.

Song by: the B-52s


2 responses to “Song for a Future Generation

  1. When you see lovely ladies like that who wouldn`t want recapture their youth

  2. The world just seems like such a happier place, whenever they release an album. Now if only R.E.M. would release something old school; or maybe do another compilation with the B-52’s. The B-52’s are the only band I’ve seen numerous times. I take that back, David Bowie, I’ve seen several times too!

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