Gonna Buy Me a Dog

I don’t know why I like this so much. I was just sitting on the Metro and this lady and her ‘dog’ gets on the train.

The camera phone doesn’t pick up the colours all that well. The tongue was extremely pink.

Even for a fake dog, he was cute. Well, I assume it was a ‘he’. It seemed like a ‘he’.

I want a pup, but I don’t think we’ll probably ever get one. With my current work schedule (more on that later….possibly), I still don’t know we could do it and keep a doggie happy. It is just not fair to leave them alone for that long of a time…..and I’m not keen on hiring a dog sitter or walker.

Maybe the lady on the Red line can’t have a real dog either – which is why she is most likely on her way home from FAO Schwartz with her new pet.

Song by: the Monkees


One response to “Gonna Buy Me a Dog

  1. For a minute until you pointed it out I believed the dog was for real. Go buy your dog and be sure to ask “How much is that Doggie in the window” Good Luck

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