Chicks Dig It

This is as close as I will get to as Easter posting.

Walking the other week through a slightly upscale outdoor shopping center, I came upon this:

Yes – that is exactly what you think:  a chair that is decorated with Peeps as it’s fringe (click on images to enlarge).

Now, I never actually walked into the store, so I’ll assume the Peeps were real and not made of fabric. Wouldn’t it almost be worse if someone took the time to make the chicks out of chanille or something?

I’ll also assume that they were placed on said chairs (yes, there were more than one in window displays) ad decoration and there to amuse you and draw you into the store – and that these chairs were not really for sale ‘as is’.

….but ya just never know.

Too add to my assumptions, the store will never be able to really clean that yellow sugar out of that white fabric.

Song by:  Chris Cagle


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