Sign ‘O’ the Times

This is why I will never get a book deal. My maturity level isn’t quite to the standard to ever get a publisher (let alone an agent or publicist) to look my way. I mean, I guess I could author what could become the next Captain Underpants.

Case in point:

This is my life. This is what I aspire to. Ok – that might be a bit much, but clearly stuff like this makes me laugh. Yes, I’m 12.

I mean – I don’t even remember taking this picture. I certainly don’t know where I took it. Well, I’m sure it was in a bathroom, but where? Which one?  I have no idea.

Until I posted this, I never even saw the ‘Board of Hell’ comment. My attention to detail is somewhat lacking.

What it really comes down to is – I’ve been sick, I’m back at work and catching up and didn’t really have time to think about something to post. There. I said it.

Until I have something better or more to say, I guess you all could kill some time by reading a book.

Song by: Prince


One response to “Sign ‘O’ the Times

  1. I’ve been sick too. So, I can relate. Not quite back in the land of living yet….

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