I’ll Change For You

This is the first time my blog entries do not mirror each other.

Yes, for those of you who don’t know, I have another, similar blog.   ….let me explain….

5+ years ago, I had my URL under my actual name.  Wanting more anonimity, I changed over to BlobbysBlog, with a corresponding URL.  All of these were powered by Blogger.

But then about 2 years ago, Blogger forced everyone to upgrade to something they had done and I lost things like my archives and posted images.  Bastards.

In a hissy fit (yes, me!  can you believe it), I literally moved everything physically to WordPress.  It was laborious but I was out of work, so it gave me something to do.

My problem is, I don’t want to lose my real URL and I can’t find a way to re-direct my WP blog/template to said URL.    Many have given advice, but nothing seems to work.   But I continue to look at these things every few months to see what is what.   So far:  SQUAT.

Anyhoo…….if you had never visited my other URL, you won’t know a difference.  If you had, you’ll know I made a major template change.  Now that one looks “closer” to this one….and it’s something I’m still working on.

The old one still has major archive problems….like at the end of the month, they all disappear.  Fuckers!

So in todays post on the old one, I talk about those changes and reference this URL.

It’s all very smoke and mirrors, isn’t it?
Song by: Rosanne Cash & Steve Earle


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