Tax Man

Well, if you haven’t already filed your taxes, or for an extension for them, Blobby would say you’re kind of screwed.

We didn’t let ours go down to the wire, but we didn’t file as soon as we normally do either. Blame work. We did. ……and we’re getting a return.

But true to Shrub form – that “stimulus package” is such a farce. It might work if the Five & Dime still existed. Ruckiry (not Jon’s boss), the return goes electronically into our bank account……no physical check.

I know W wants us to spend spend spend it……..but that ain’t gonna happen. He got us into this fucking mess and now he wants us to bail ourselves (and him) out by not paying our bills with it and instead to purchase a new Fry Daddy or something.

FUCK HIM! (how’s that doing to bring up my Cuss O’Meter?)

No….that money, what little he’s stimulating me with, will stay in Mr. Bank, thankyouverymuch.

Song by: the Beatles


2 responses to “Tax Man

  1. I had to file for an extension. Maryland changed their tax brackets, and I’m now considered a very wealthy Marylander. It’s funny cuz I made less money than last year, but am now designated as richer. It’s a joke. But I’m not laughing, cuz I owe about $10,ooo. LOL

  2. Dreaded tax man. In the UK if our tax returns are not signed sealed and delivered within a specific time period we get hit with £100 fine.

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