The Metro

My trip to DC coincides with Benedict XVI. Oh lucky me!!!!

Oh lucky him!!

I am such a fan of the Third Reich, it will be an honour just to be in the same city as der Fuher.

…obviously I’m kidding.

Actually, I know we won’t cross paths, because most of my transport will be via the Metro. In an effort to promote ridership during his visit, the WTA put up posters a of a bobble head pope riding the escalators up from the Metro. ….and then over protests of it, they were actually forced to take them down. Can you believe it?

But it will be a pain with him here. Because wherever he goes, so do 25,000 soldiers from the Clone Wars.

Seriously, the Metro is expecting ridership to increase by 25,000 each day over the next two days. Lucky me!

Except for a few transfer stations, I don’t think it will impact me too much. g-d, I fucking hope not.

So W, Cheney and Benedict in the same town at the same town. When does the 4th Horseman get here?


Song by: Berlin


One response to “The Metro

  1. The Horseman has already arrived. If I were you, I’d take the commuter train to B’more or Richmond. 😛

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