Once More, With Feeling

Curtis insinuates that those of us here in North Ohio are “uppity”. I guess it’s all relative.

He mentions that he is a “hilljack” and not a “hillbilly”. I always thought that latter term was a derogatory one.  I’m not sure I’ve heard of the former.

On a road trip to Florida, Jon and I stopped in a Denney’s, or some such place, in Georgia for breakfast. As we were waiting for a table a family of four came in behind us: mom, dad and two teen boys. The mother says to her brood, in her somewhat twang of an accent, “I wonder what they think of boys with earrings here in the south”. (at least one of her sons had an earring.).

Jon and I just turned to each other and without a word knew what each other was thinking (we have that ability dontcha know): ‘here in the south?’ Honey, where do you think you came from???

Relaying this story to others upon our return, a physician who overheard turned and said, “oh, they were probably hillbillies”. I was aghast. I can’t believe someone just said that. She must have noticed my face and said, “I’m one. We don’t see ourselves as being southerners.” Who knew?

I have to say, we currently live in an uppity neighborhood though. I can’t even deny that. We hear about people coming into our ‘hood and thieve things. Mind you – most of the ones who get stuff stolen are kind of asking for it. Our neighborhood email group (of which I am now in charge of) will say things like – “someone stole my wallet from my car. It was on the front seat, the doors were unlocked, windows rolled down and sitting in the driveway”. “Someone broke into my house. The doors were unlocked and open and I was only gone for an hour!”.

It got to the point where folks were saying, “I saw a ‘strange man’ walking (!) in the neighborhood” (read: non-white). The next email “oh that was just someone doing work at our house”. We are uppity. And white.

Our old neighbor told me, right after we moved in that someone stole their bikes from their open garage. But he was good about it, saying, ‘they needed them more than we did’.

But this last Thursday, someone a few door down was robbed at gunpoint in his own garage. I’m not quite sure if when he opened the garage the other guy darted in before the neighbor opened his car door or not, but it has put a number of people on alert. Myself included.

A number of folks mentioned a car that drove slowly through our streets on that very day.  Even in our little enclave, the cars zip through at speeds higher than they should, so a slow driver probably brought attention to themselves.

Yesterday, I was on the way to store when I saw one.   VERY slow driver looking at each and every house.  Possibly they were looking for a specific address, but I admit I doubled back and made sure no one was ‘casing the joint(s)’.   It was kind of pathetic on my part.  I’m not sure how much better I am from the guy who told the valet ‘joke’ the other day.

So, yes Curtis, you were right.  If I’m the benchmark, we are uppity here in Northern Ohio.  We easily fall into mob-rule mentality (apparently), weenunciate differently and we don’t call our pets “critters” or “varmints”.

Episode by:  cast of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer


One response to “Once More, With Feeling

  1. Sounds to me like you live in a neighbor hood where you have to look over your shoulder for gun toting evil doers. However in contrast no problem of being knocked down by a car if they go that slow. Are we to avoid those with a ring through their nose.

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