Site of the Month

Has anyone even realized I have not done a SotM for the last two months?

I didn’t think so.

I did – I just haven’t cared that much. Nothing has grabbed my interest enough I guess – and we all know if I’m not interested, you’re not interested.

It’s a fact!

I have pondered giving you three entries this month just to make up for it all, but we’ll see how it goes. If I am finding myself waning on doing actual writing, as I had been this last month, I might just use them as filler. Hell – they were filler to begin with.

So ladies and germs, I bring you:  Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse

Yes, it is rude and crude and not nearly as funny as it could be (save the above image – which I actually laughed out loud at).  Had they tried just a little harder, it could have been hilarious.

But it’s what we’re left with.  It’s what you’re left with.

g-d, no wonder I haven’t been doing these posts.


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