I try really hard not to complain about the heat – because I hate the cold so much. I figure I can choose one or the other, but can’t bitch about both. It’s not fair to Mother Nature.

But frick, is it HOT these last few days.

Over 90 on the NorthCoast. And about 95% humidity. Oh – and we have a 98 year old house that retains the heat like no one’s business. And no a/c. Well, not true, we have window units. Not that they are in or anything, but that’s another story. Yes, we store them on the 3rd floor which is about 120 degrees, so to go up there and move them has us lose 20lbs each – not that we couldn’t stand that.

Once or twice per year we talk about having central air installed. It is pricey, for sure. And it’s not the duct work kind of a/c, but the new fangled tubes that are installed into older abodes. Probably not the prettiest thing in the world, but I keep thinking what it would do for resale for a house like this in a sluggish market. Not that we’re planning on moving – but one never knows – does one?

Anyway – here is how hot it is: last night before going out to dinner at friends, I put on deodorant /antiperspirant.

It might sound gross to some, but I stopped wearing it about 5-7 years ago (for the most part). I just don’t think anything like that clogging your pores can be that good for you.

It’s not like I smell or anything – and even during high activity times, I just don’t sweat much. Granted, when I’m in DC in July and August and know I have to see clients, I’ll roll it on. But we’re talking maybe 3-4 times per year.

Dinner was great and we ate outside. It was late enough in the evening and a nice breeze kicked up, so it was all good. Grilled veggies, meat and strawberry shortcake. And lots of water – as our hosts do not drink. I wasn’t about to have them open a bottle of wine – though some alcohol would have been nice. ….but whatta gonna do?

Song by: Linda Ronstadt


2 responses to “Heatwave

  1. Give me the sunshine to that of rain any day. However 365 days a year of sun I may find hard to handle. On top of it all as much as we love the good weather – it is a threat to our well being if the skin is not protected.

  2. Um yeah, with the humidity, it makes the heat index a 110 in Maryland. I don’t wear deodorant either. But I am right now, cuz I do sweat like a pig.

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