Passionate Kisses

How long do you go without kissing your significant other? How often do you do it in the first place?

This is possibly the longest period of time I’ve gone without smooching with Denton.

It’s not relationship trouble, or even travel schedules. No, it is still this cold sore – hopefully the end of it. I mean – why expose him to that? Isn’t it bad enough he has/had to look at it? Catching it from a lip lock hardly seems fair for either of us.

Normally, I would say we kiss before one of us leaves for the office and at least once getting home – or before going to bed – or both. But at this point, it has been about 10 days with out any macking.

I think I’m at a point in the next day or so I’m thinking we can put lip to lip. I’m almost back to normal.


Song by: Lucinda Williams


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