Site of the Month

Yes – it’s that time of month. When I’ve worked a full week and gone two solid weeks of blogging and didn’t really pace myself, so I have nothing really to post.

But there is a reason I sub-titled this thing ‘Stuff & Nonsense’.

Yes, this beats the Star Wars geeky Wookiepedia which I think I featured about a year ago.  …perhaps less.

Dickipedia isn’t about the actual penis at all – so you can all breathe a sigh of relief…..or grumble in private, depending on your view of what you hoped/thought it was.   It is a suitable for work site.

The list of Dicks is a a good one.  Not are all written as funny as they could be:  see Jimmy Fallon – though the last line is good.   But for every Fallon or Kobe, there is an Ann Coulter or George Lucas.

It’s an ok time killer – and no less (or more) funny than David Sedaris’ last book.  Unfortunately.


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