We leave for vacation today.  I had a post in my head allllllll planned out, but I couldn’t find the video clip to go with.  It was to be a Kids in the Hall skit with Fran and Gordon, who were about to go on a trip.

Fran keeps turning off the oven burners (#1 is off.  #2 is off. #3 is off…) over and over to make sure the house doesn’t burn down. Then their son comes home drunk.   At one point in my life, I would have been the son.  Unfortunately now, I’ve turned into Fran.

But while looking through YouTube, I found another completely unrelated clip.   …and one I’ve laughed at over and over, over the years.

It goes on a bit long, but you have to stay at least for the entire song.  To this day, my friends and I use part of it in our conversation.  I know – you’re shocked!

There are still some very very funny lines in the skit that are not the song, so enjoy it.

I am sure I’ll post while away.  I’m not sure how often, but I’ll get to it.

Song by: Debbie Reynolds


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