Drunken Angel

Last night was the first of two parties we are attending this weekend (tonite is the 2nd).

This one was at the home of one of my co-workers.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I like my co-workers but normally I don’t socialize with them outside of the office….or post-office work events.  I make an exception for Scott because I really like him and we really get along so well.  I also really love his wife.

Though a number of folks (a fraction really) from the office were invited to this party, the majority of people in attendance would be his neighbors.  Scott also assured me that he invited the eight invited people from the office wouldn’t show, and he did it mostly as an outreach and nicety.   The joke was on him – half of them did show.

Scott and I made a concerted effort not to talk about work, and even our boss, who did show, didn’t.  He and I talked politics, much to his wife’s displeasure.  But I like Marty a lot, so it was all cool.

But as more work folks showed, the more conversation turned to the environment turning sour in the office.  Maybe someday soon, I’ll share that with you.  The only take away from it was, I thought I was the only one in the office having these feelings, but clearly there is a wide-spread dissatisfaction for our work place.  But this conversation also turned the party sour, mostly for Denton.

Poor Denton, he knew none of these folks.  We had met some really nice neighbors of Scott, but eventually it became work folks.   …..and some drunk chick.

Rambling.  Obstinate.  At times incoherent.  I finally had to tune her out, but not before turning to Scott and saying “you throw the best parties!”  All of the sudden, a pressing on my foot brought me back to reality.  Denton was trapped next to her with no way of avoidance.  His pressing sandal said:  “save me!”.

Which I did.

We had been there for hours and any number of beers.  I excused ourselves for the evening, thanking the host and hostess before heading to our car.

Overall we had a nice time.   Good food.  Lot to drink.  Some really good conversations with their neighbors.

Now it’s our turn to invite Scott and his wife over for dinner.

Song by:  Lucinda Williams


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