I’ve Got Second Sight

So, I’ve been wearing my new contacts. Not for great lengths of time, or for multiple days in a row. But so far, so good.

The first day put a huge strain on my eyes. It’s been 2+ years since I even tried on the old contacts I had. I finally threw them all out, since I had a hard time keeping them in and well – they eventually expired.  The second day – I had no eyeball stress.

I think they’ve come a ways in ‘contact technology’. Besides the bi-focal lenses, the comfort seems better. But I keep telling myself ‘it’s only been two short days’.

Me, being me, has already found a flaw in them: the way I look.

Shut up, I know! You’re shocked! Me and my self-esteem – or lack of it.

Of the times I post a picture of me here, I take my glasses off, because in some twisted universe, I figured I looked better without them. Now that they are off, of course, I’m thinking, ‘I think I look better in specs.’

I know there is no winning this one.


Song by: Marti Jones


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