So, the reports out now are that McCain cannot pull himself up enough to win the presidency on his own merits – but he might be able to secure the White House if he tears down Obama enough.

NPR, the Washington Post and other media outlets are speculating that the next few weeks will be nothing short of a barrage of negativity (really?  you don’t say!?!) – and the “October surprise” might be in those possibly soon to come ads and rhetoric. The Post even cited what an about face McCain has done since the 2000 election on his election tactics.

I think we saw it start with She Who Must Not Be Named trying to associate Obama with terrorists.  I’m guessing that was the starting point and it will just go downhill from there.

Being a fan of conspiracy, I half-believe that the GOP had something to do with misprinting the absentee ballots in Rennselaer, NY.  If you hadn’t heard or saw, they did indeed list the democratic candidate as “Barack Osama”.

Any number of pundits will tell you that McCain’s current smear tactics are solidifying his base, but alienating the swing voters, which he will need to really win.  Newsweek/MSNBC/McLaughlin Group’s Lawrence O’Donnell, whom I greatly respect, said he has seen no polling (none!) that doesn’t show She Who Must Not Be Named dragging the GOP ticket. Did I say that right?  Let me put it this way:  she is helping bring McCain down!  Good news for us, I suppose.

That being said, a new Newsweek poll has Obama up by 9% nationwide.  Hell, even Ohio has him up by 7%.  And we all know, no one can win without carrying Ohio.

Update:  I wrote this last night and even though polls mid-week (five days ago) had Obama up by 7% in Ohio, today’s paper have him down by 2%.  WTF is up with that??

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One response to “Losers

  1. It is heartening to think the average American Joe Schmoe isn’t falling for the same fear & damnation tactics projected by the Repug. party. Frankly, I think many are tired of the constant hype and more concerned about their economic future. And McCain isn’t doing well in that arena at all.

    We can only hope the numbers keep going up. I am still worried about the Bradley effect.

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