We Believe in Happy Endings

For all the hard work “we” have been doing during our integration, the main offices have been getting two days a month of chair massages.

Naturally, one must sign up for an open time slot – which are 15 minutes long.  Some people have the gall to sign up for two consecutive slots.  The nerve!

I think I have mentioned here (well, I know I have) that I have never had a massage.  Not a professional one anyway! {wink}    But yesterday, I filled in for the only 15 minute slot they had free, which I also had available.

I’m not sure what to think about it.  It was in a room we would normally give shots or physicals in – basically the school nurse’s office.  The music that was playing would have made Enya sound like she plays speed metal.  She had some mint scent floating around the room – I suppose it was meant to soothe.  I don’t know if it did or didn’t.

If you’ve seen the chair massage – I was just face down in the covered toilet-like seat.  And overall, it was pretty unremarkable. The back and shoulder rub felt ok , but that’s it.  It is not like I was full of knots.  But when she got to the back of my head, man it felt great.  Had she done that for the entire quarter-hour, I think I would have been just fine.

Relaxing?  Not really.   She was a chatterer.  Whatever quiet-time I should have been experiencing, she filled the void with talk.  Talk talk talk.

…and of course, no happy ending.  Not that I minded.  She wasn’t my type.  No dangling y chromosome.

Will I go back next month?   Sure.  I already signed up.  But I suppose, it is possible I might no longer be on-site.

Song by: Emmylou Harris & Earl Thomas Conley


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