I’m the Cat

Oh she looks cute – but as we all know, looks can be deceiving.  She is 90% good and 100% evil.  All eight pounds of her.

Yes, the math does not add up….but it’s still pretty accurate.  She is 90% good with us and about 100% evil with her sister.  Poor Tovah, she puts up with a lot from this one.  The little one wants to be alpha cat.

Sophie is still the snuggly and purry and more like a dog than a cat.  We can play fetch or tug on a string for hours at a time and she just never gets tired of it.  But she has no issue just walking over and taking a chomp out of Tovah – completely unprovoked.  Sheesh.

And while I (or we) should discourage the behavior, she has now figured out how to open all of the cabinets in the sunroom. You walk in and it looks like the kitchen scene in The Sixth Sense with all the cupboards wide-open.

Soph just gets in – and if the door shuts behind her, she’s ok.  She’ll eventually push her way out.  But more often, she gets in there and pushes things out or finding her hidden toys – mostly strings (as she brings me one right now as I type this).  She’ll just sit at your feet and quietly meow, just asking to play.  It’s really hard to say ‘no’.

I also don’t say ‘no’ at bedtime.  She likes to get between my legs to sleep.  Somehow I accommodate this. It is uncomfortable, but like I said, I can’t say ‘no’ to her. Usually.

Anyway, it’s not that I missed it – I just missed blogging about it:  we rescued her two years ago (three days ago).  Or she rescued us, is more like it.

Song by:  Jackson Browne


One response to “I’m the Cat

  1. I don’t care what ya say, she’s adorable!

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