Bless the Beast & the Children

(except for RJ)

Everyone knows I tease the ones I love.  Right?  RIGHT?

So, I’m taking a thingy that Morty showed a number of us yesterday morning, and then I  just customized it to poke RJ in the ribs.  He knows why.

I guess I could have just email it to him directly, but where is the fun in that?  Isn’t it more fun when someone stumbles up a post that is somewhat about yourself?

You can watch the video here.

Ok – maybe the video was all about him – but the post isn’t.

No, this is actually for all the registered voters who don’t take the time to get to the polls.  You really need to.  Yes, it will be a pain – as the lines will be long, since I’m assuming it will be possibly the biggest turn-out since I’ve been voting.

As it turns out for me, I’ll be voting via mail, since I will actually be in DC on election day.  Oddly enough, I hate that.  I want to be home to celebrate or commiserate.  Oddly enough, DC will probably be dead – as every politico will be out in their own district, or trying to stop the minorities and elderly from getting to their voting stations.

11 more days people.  11 more days.

Song by: the Carpenters


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