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As it gets closer and closer to election day, I’m finding it harder and harder to only do one post a day.  Things just seem to present themselves to me on silver platter.

While wanting to be relevant, I also like to retain the ‘stuff & nonsense’ this blog is about – for the most part.   But I’m also finding that time is ticking away where I haven’t even done my Record of the Month or my Shopping with Blobby segments.  Time’s a-wastin’.

Chop Chop!

So for today, since it is Sunday – I bring you something from the Sunday Funnies:  Doonesbury

As timely as it is, and as funny as it is, the subject is already a bit tiresome – no?  It has become apparent that McCain as no other talking point and “Joe” is brought up more in his conversation than She Who Must Not Be Named.

I had to pull this from the Washington Post – and what I found most interesting about it is, that in the Plain Dealer, they cut the first two panels.

I am used to the PD dumbing-down the NYT articles.  Yes, they change as many polysyllabic words as possible and cut a two page article in the Times down to five paragraphs in the PD.  We ain’t done got no edjucation here!

….but comic editing?  This is a new one on me.  I guess I will have to start reading these on-line too – just to see what I’m missing.   For all I know, maybe someone in Apartment 3-G had an abortion!

Song by: Debbie Harry


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