Bad Boys Get Spanked

Now just some light-hearted, NSFW fun.

It beats blogging about work or politics or the economy – though the video short actually might have elements of two of those three subjects which dominate this blog lately.

I’m tired of politics already. I know I should be energized, but I’m worn out. I will be in DC for most of the week. I will be there for the actual election and the aftermath. With no one – not really. I have friends in town, so if they don’t mind entertaining me, or me inviting myself to tagl along for something – then I won’t have to sit in my hotel room or a bar by my lonesome possibly throwing things at Chris Matthews or George Snuffleupagous.

So enough about politics – just watch the frickin’ video already.

Song by: the Pretenders


4 responses to “Bad Boys Get Spanked

  1. I don’t know how I missed this! Too funny!

  2. This is too funny. To think I could have been doing this instead of manning the phones at AOL. Oh wait, I had a couple of calls like this at AOL.
    Never mind…

  3. Reminds me of some of the out of left field conversations I had when I worked for Stephen Dunn, a telemarketer who specializes in performing arts subs. You’d think it would be easy as long as you didn’t say Mozart like “Motzart” or Fugard like “Fuggerd”.
    They were cool to work for though especially if it was a virgin account on new territory. They usually sent some northern stoner ( I was living in Va. when I worked for SD) who was scared to death of his new surroundings. I could write a book.
    Funny clip. Tahnks.

  4. that was awsome … thanks for posting.

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