Hot Shaved Asian Teens

Ok, ok…..the title here has nothing to do with anything, except that I have no other song titles that have anything to do with Asian culture other than the Vapors’ “Turning Japanese”.   …and that wasn’t the geographical location I was going for.  However, the title might trigger a whole new readership.

I’m sure you’ve all been reading / hearing /watching the goings on in Mumbai.  Horrible circumstances.

But you know,  Thailand is getting some protesters.  Tens of thousands out there wanting the end to the current government.  So many are out there protesting, they shut down Bankok’s airport.

What does this mean to me?   Absolutely nothing.

What I found amusing is that the group is called People’s Alliance for Democracy.

Yes, they are:  Pad Thai.

Song by: Glenn Tilbrook


2 responses to “Hot Shaved Asian Teens

  1. Oh, you added me to your blogroll. So, I must show proper respect:

    That’s Mr. Perv 😛

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