Blasphemous Rumour

You know the website, OverheardinNewYork website?   I have an entry for them.

Penn Station last Friday.

30ish Girl (almost whispering):  “Is Boy George…”

40ish Man: (laughing hysterically):  “…and you’re the last to know!”

This was all in a response to the Boy being found guilty holding that male hooker hostage, or so the 30ish Girl said.  She saw it on the morning news.

40ish man responded, “Well how else was he going to get anyone to stay the night?”

Yes, I’m the 40ish man.   The 30ish woman was one of my co-workers I was traveling with.  I know she was probably too young for the “Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me” phase, but seriously, isn’t BG big enough in pop culture where folks know he didn’t like girls?   Hasn’t she ever seen The Wedding Singer?

Song by: Depeche Mode


2 responses to “Blasphemous Rumour

  1. OMG, that’s too funny!!!! Maybe they wanted to heard cuz they wanted someone to blog about it? 😛

  2. I can’t believe I’m going to say this outloud…again. I’m an almost 40 something and about 15 years ago I was sitting on a friend’s sofa watching a “Behind The Music” story about Boy George. When they announced he was gay I fell off the couch and screamed, “NO FUCKING WAY”. I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it. Perhaps it was because me n’ my lady friend were sampling some herbs from her, er, uh, garden, but she thought I was kidding. She was howling with laughter (I think it was the herb). I was completely dumb-founded (or perhaps I could just stop at dumb?). She asked how I couldn’t know. I told her that in the 80’s, during the start up of the MTV generation I specifically recalled Boy George REPEATEDLY being asked about his sexuality and his “presence” and he explained it all away as “performance” and “costume/attire”. I took him at face value as a teenager. Boy George said he wasn’t gay and I believed him. Shame on me.

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