The shortest day and the longest night were joined by the coldest day.

I’m not 100% sure, but the first day of Winter I believe was the coldest day of 2008. At least in NE Ohio.

I think the high was 21…maybe, and that was early in the morning. But most of the day we were in the single digits. On the ride home from my parents, it was 1 degree – and that doesn’t include wind chill. ….and it will probably dropped more before the day ended and after I got in the house and just gave up watching the weather.

But the wind was a-howling all night long.

Cold Miser, even if he is called “Mr. Ten Below”, sings that he never wants a day above forty degrees. He’d rather have it, thirty, twenty, ten or five. Even he didn’t go down to 1 !!!!! It might be too chilly for his liking.

They said there is global warming. They said this winter would be milder than the last. WHY isn’t it happening???

Song by: Three Dog Night


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