Jacob Marley’s Chain

It’s only a few hours until the ghosts of xmas past, present and future being to visit us. Consider this your visit from Ebenezer’s deceased business partner.

Basically, isn’t Marley just the predecessor for the line, ‘be good, for goodness sake’? ….by about 90 years?

I’m not a huge fan of A Christmas Carol. I’m not sure why. It’s down, for the most part – which I’m a fan of. Maybe I’m just not a fan of the holiday itself.

I do view this more of a family gathering than any true holiday – religious or otherwise.  Today is my mother’s birthday.  Today is one of my brother-in-law’s birthdays.  Yesterday was my father’s birthday.

I am happy to host (i wrote ‘hots’) the event and just sit around and eat and drink.  But first clean.  I guess I should get on that.

Song by: Aimee Mann


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