Guilt is a Useless Emotion

This whole thing about leaving my job has evoked an emotion in me which normally remains absent: Guilt

I think that’s what I’m feeling.

Taking my soon to be new job is the right decision.  This I believe (maybe I should do an NPR piece!).  But for the most part, I think you tell your boss you are leaving and that is usually where it ends.   Not me.

I have, or get, to tell my remote work sites – the folks who report to me.  There are 17 of those.  I also get to tell the 12 clients that are associated with those sites.  So, I get to have this conversation about 30 times.

Yayyyyyyyyyy! ?

Oddly enough, I find myself apologizing for leaving.  Why is this?

I’ve thought about it, albeit, not tons, or deeply.  But each time I dial that last number of whomever I’m calling, I get a small knot in my gut, at least momentarily.  I haven’t even told most of the people in my home office.   I kind of want to just slink away at the end of next week and go gently into that good night.

I would like to think there are one half dozen of folks I worked with at this job that I can keep in touch with.  I know that is probably a high number.  Everyone wants that, but I just don’t think that normally happens.   Half of that half dozen would be anok number.  At least they’d be the ones I really would do things with.

Missing my areas and some co-workers must be a testament to liking whom I work with.  But why feel guilty about it?


Song by: New Order


One response to “Guilt is a Useless Emotion

  1. I recently found Facebook. If you aren’t on already, you might want to set up an account and add those folks (colleagues and clients) with whom you want to keep in contact. Maybe send out a final email to all of them asking them to add you as a friend on their accounts.

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