Site of the Month

Hey – why not just get this out of the way early in the month?

In no way would this interest anyone who doesn’t have a blog. It might not even be interesting to anyone who actually has a blog?

GenderAnalyzer attempts to make an educated guess at, well, the gender of the author of your blog.

Yup. You just put in the URL and it tries to figger out the sex of the writer. Not sexual preference. Just their sex.


Technically, I am a man. It might not be technically ‘writing’, but hey, that is why they call it a ‘technicality’.

But to just test something, I threw in another URL.

…..just as I always suspected!!!!!

Nah – she’s a woman. Mind you, she has the mouth of a sailor, but the boobs are real. Kind of.


One response to “Site of the Month

  1. Ummm, that’s weird. I commented on this posting; but it’s showing up on the one underneath it. Perhaps I need coffee, or a sex change? 😆

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