I should have a better post for today, but I don’t.

I took my last work trip (in this job) yesterday and drove through lovely ice storms both ways. What should have been a 3.25 hour drive, took 4.75 hours. Tons of cars off the road. SUVs landing on their roofs. Seven car pile-ups. You name it.

I would have taken pictures of it all, but I wasn’t about to take my hands off the wheel.

But I finally get to my clinic and was sitting with my staff in their break room when I notice the sign they have hung on the door.

Yes, they are a crack staff – aren’t they?

I didn’t completely want to shame them, so I didn’t say anything, but someone must have seen me look at it, because when I came back to take picture of it, it was gone. Thrown away in the trash.

I was broken-hearted that you all would not see it, until I decided to retrieve it from said refuse can (it was sitting right on top – it wasn’t like I was dumpster diving).

Sorry gang, it’s all I’ve got for today.

Song by: Five Man Electrical Band


3 responses to “Signs

  1. LOL, they spelled “leaking” wrong and didn’t bother to a) put the cooler in the sink or b) mop up the spill. Crack!

  2. Perhaps they wanted their co-worker, Lee King to watch his step?!? I mean, CLEARLY “Lee” and “King” are two separate words on that sheet!

  3. I think they threw it away cuz they were ashamed of their spelling error 😛

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